Equipment Inventory

TrackEquipment® is powerful,
easy-to-use software. Automated equipment tracking increases efficiency and your bottom line.  Created to work with any size business or industry from construction and landscape to hotel, health care and restaurant.

  • Automated to Completely Manage all Equipment
  • Tracks maintenance and repair records for each item
  • Concise Inventory Reports and Maintenance Alerts
  • Affordable with Special Package Pricing
  • Download the TrackEquipment® product brochure

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Uniform Inventory

TrackUniform is automated, making it easy to track all uniform related inventory. Customize for any size business or industry —whether you maintain a full or partial inventory or rely on outside vendors.

  • Completely Manages Uniform Inventory
  • Tracks Inventory Issued to each Employee
  • Concise Inventory Reports and On-Screen Help
  • Affordable with Special Package Pricing
  • Download the TrackUniform product brochure

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L.E.A. Data Technologies—creating efficient inventory management software.

At L.E.A. Data Technologies our goal is to design and develop management software that is low cost, user-friendly, and does exactly what it is designed to do. Find out more about L.E.A. Data Technologies.

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